Casual dining

Casual dining

In the casual dining and hotel business it's all about hospitality. Taking care of the customer is the heart of being hospital. Doing so means understanding and anticipating what the customer needs and then knowing how to meet and exceed those needs.

​To create the best possible experience for your guest means, friendly staff that is  service oriented. But also making sure the basics are good so they can have the best experience during their stay.  Part of the experience will be good food. CêlaVíta can help with this.  Helping you prepare fresh products, easy and quick.


Fresh & Fast

Preferably you prepare all components of your meal fresh, but often you'll lack time and hands to do so. CêlaVíta offers a solution for this: An assortment of ready-made products  for  casual dining. The products are cooked, so fast to prepare. And both in terms of appearance and taste these
potatoes can not be distinguished from your home peeled potatoes.


These potatoes are ready cooked  for you to serve. You'll only have to finish them to your preference. This can be done even by the least experienced kitchen staff. Bake the wedges crisp, fill baked potatoes to serve as a complete meal or season dices for a salad.

It cannot go wrong !



Within our standard ranges the following range is suitable for quick preparation

Ready-to-Heat range

  • Different cuts available
  • No draining or washing
  • 100% cooked, can be used hot and cold
  • Ready for use in a cold (potato) salad 
  • Can be  portioned directly on a meal tray
  • 21 days shelf life