Pubs and bars

Pubs and bars

​At pubs or bars, where there is a menu offering, potato options are not a front of mind issue. Not surprisingly because it is not  your core business. However it can be a missed opportunity. Find out in this page how we can help you seize these opportunities. 

​Know your customer

All though there are many different kind of pubs, from traditional to gastro or family pubs, all pubs can distinguish themselves by over exceeding the customers expectations. Whether it be on hospitality, quality or on service every pub will have it's own visitors group. To know what to offer them you first need  to find out what they are looking for when eating out, if you don't know already.

​For example families are looking for quality time together and a 'cook's night off' at  family orientated pubs. So their expectancy will be a 'kids favourites' menu with familiar items and healthy options served quickly after ordering.  

Whilst Gastro pubs can put something more exciting or contemporary on their menu. Their customer is there for 'a night out' to relax and enjoy themselves and are willing to wait a bit longer and pay more. These customers like to be surprised.

Adjust you menu

Once you know your target group and their expectations, make sure your (menu) offering is adjusted to this. Employees must be able to understand customers needs and the recommend the right menu items to visitors.

Most commonly used side dish are French fries. But a side dish can be so much more exciting. To help you we have highlighted some ideas of side dishes from the CêlaVíta product assortment. Three pub classics which can be prepared fast and easy, and two ideas to upgrade your menu. Click to see if these fit your strategy. 


Some suitable products:

Make it known

In this age nothing is more important to attract new customers  than creating satisfied customers. Their opinions will help you spread the message. Make sure they have a good experience. And in addition it will help if your plate looks instagrammable or you can encourage them to post their recommendation online.