Schools, hospitals and elderly homes have a whole list of menu requirements that the meal has to comply to. This makes providing meals for this target group very difficult. We at CêlaVita understand this . Therefor we have a whole range of pure potatoes, that can fit any diet.


The provision of school meals has been subject to political agendas, setting standards to adhere to. And not without reason. For many  students that is their warm meal for the day.  

At school canteens the meals provided for need to be cost efficient to fit the budget, they need to be made with the equipment and staff available. This can be challenging.  And on top of those requirements  they need to  be nutritious and healthy. The number of meals is known beforehand and meal components can be bought based on the forecast. Good planning and stock keeping can save you money. At CelaVita we have products available to prepare a proper meal that can provide students with the energy to see them through the day, but also offer variety in the menu.

Our range of blanched products will best suit your needs. Available in 2 kg and 10 kg allowing you to buy the required amount per day. These products are natural and provide for part of the recommended daily allowance for a healthy and balanced diet.  Potatoes are a source of  energy, fibers, minerals and vitamins (B6 and C).  One medium potato with skin provides 620 milligrams or 15% of the recommended daily value  of potassium per serving and is considered one of the best foods with potassium. Check the website of your local authorities for the RDA.   

But the SKU's in this range  also lends themselves to be prepared several different ways, creating different menu's. For instance use a potato slice baked, and create a gratin the next day. 


 Hospitals and care homes

Creating menu's and delivering meals in the care & cure market is probably one of the most difficult undertakings. They have to be suitable for many different diets; low cholesterol, low sodium, low fat, but still be tasteful. Besides their nutritional value the texture is also important. Grinded food for people with swallowing difficulties, or creating finger food for people with imprecise motive  abilities  in their arms.


Food can be a necessity,  but for many elderly also comforting and a moment of social contact, an activity during the day. A well executed meal service and hospitality can  have a positive effect on their physical and mental health.

Potato products fit well within this sector.  A pure potato ticks many of the nutritional boxes, being fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free and can even contribute to a great meal experience. Creating smaller snack bites for sharing and multiple eat moments to prevent malnutrition. The  blanched products  of CêlaVita are pure potato, nothing added. No allergens like sulfite, preservatives or other additives. This means you have the freedom to create your own recipe with our products. 

Maximally adaptable to your own wishes!