Product Ranges

Product Ranges

CelaVita has several product ranges that cater to the needs of our customers. All chilled products without preservatives. Find the product range that suits your needs best below or on our assortment pages.





Our blanched potato range is available in 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg bags.

Packed especially for large-scale use. Ultra fresh, rich taste, full of vitamins and minerals. Keep well for at least another 10 days after delivery.

The pure potato. No preservatives or salt added. Quick and  efficient products.




Ready to Eat potatoes packed in 2kg bags.

The new generation of potatoes. Guaranteed 100% cooked with a fresh taste and quality. Can be used both cold and hot. Ideal to use in meal salads. No draining liquid, so ready to be portioned straight away.   Keep well for at least 21 days after delivery. Free from preservatives. Easy to work with!

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La Menute​​​​

Great quality, always 100% cooked and with a nice, full taste. Naturally free from preservatives. Ideal to have on store for easy planning.  Keep well for at least 45 days after delivery.





McCain​​ has many other potato products and appetizers. Both frozen and Chilled.