Multi purpose potato

Multi purpose potato

Mid 2022  a new product will launch in the CêlaVíta blanched range. One that can help reduce complexity in your kitchen.

​D​​uring COVID lots of things changed in the  hospitality sector.   Kitchens need to be flexible on all aspects; staff, menu, stock and preparation. CêlaVíta developed a potato solution to help you with this. 

Use just one potato solution for all your needs. 

Reduce meal components in your the kitchen, and give your dishes a homemade feel. This multipurpose potato is par-boiled to 95% and has a floury texture for a fluffy and crispy texture.

Multipurpose potato provides convenience in the kitchen and lifts your guests’ experience with freshness, great taste  and your own unique menu items. ​

Curious? ​ ask your account manager for more information or a sample. 

We developed different recipes with the multi purpose potato. Brought together in a recipe book . Have a look for some inspiration