health and healthy food

health and healthy food

​We are convinced that a healthy diet keeps you fit for longer and contributes to a faster recovery of patients. Research * by the RIVM shows that 20% more vegetables are consumed  with a potato meal​, compared to meals with pasta or rice.

​​If there is one thing that COVID-19 taught us in the past year, it is that a healthy lifestyle and  good general health helps to reduce health risks. This applies even more to weaker target groups, such as children, the sick or the elderly. For example, children need nutrients for growth and development and the elderly have a greater need for proteins.​ 

We know that​ the potato contains relatively little energy per 100 grams and is a source of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Now research*  also shows that in the total Dutch population, about 20% more vegetables are consumed with evening meals with potatoes, than with meals with rice or pasta. With evening meals with potatoes, an average of 118 grams of vegetables is eaten and with evening meals with rice / pasta this is 98 grams of vegetables. 


Sustainable purchasing is important, not only for your healthcare organization but governments also believe that we should pay more attention to this. With the focus of governments and the Care & Cure market on healthy lifestyles and a balanced diet contributing to this, potato can be an easy step  to balance the nutritional intake in meals. 

To help organizations calculate the nutritional value of their menu the foodservice potato products of  CêlaVíta are in the PSinFoodservice database. This information can be used as direct input for your own applications, like a nutritional menu calculator or a even a (sales) platform. this way you'll always have the latest and correct information available to base your menu on.

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* source: RIVM memo june 2020, Consumptie van groente bij aardappelen en rijst/pasta​