Truffle gratin

Truffle gratin

McCain Foodservice is introducing a new potato product this autumn: a high-quality Truffle Gratin. With this Truffle Gratin, the end user puts a premium product on the table, without the need for additional staff.

With the constant changes in the measures surrounding Covid-19, entrepreneurs are looking for new possibilities to continue to serve and surprise their guests, while also saving costs. To help with this, McCain developed the Truffle Gratin. A premium dish with real truffle and very easy to prepare!

Research by the Dutch Kokspanel in the past six months shows that in order to save costs, the catering and fast service sector mainly looked at lower staffing levels, but also at fewer actions per dish. A product that offers more convenience can help. The McCain Truffle Gratin is cooked and only needs portioning and baking in an oven. This makes the Mise-en-place simple and ensures a smooth and flexible service without the need for additional staff.

With the (temporary) closure of the catering industry and the limitation of the number of travel movements, part of the catering industry will switch to the options of delivery or take-away meals. In order to be able to offer a restaurant experience at home, it will be necessary to focus on enjoyment and special dishes that people will not easily make themselves. Especially during the month of December, people are looking for festive meals. A Truffle Gratin is therefore a perfect product to be used in a "delivery" meal.

McCain Foods continues to build on the success of the Gratin Dauphinois with the introduction of this Truffle Gratin. For years there has been an increasing trend of products using "truffle flavor". However, McCain's Truffle Gratin is made with pieces of real summer truffle, instead of adding artificial truffle flavors. The use of real truffle pieces makes this Truffle Gratin unique in the market.

Truffle has an umami, earthy flavor profile. The recipe, with the mild summer truffle in combination with pieces of mushroom and cream, gives the McCain Truffle Gratin a natural and creamy, but above all, balanced taste.

A real seasonal must eat for the truffle lover!

By putting the Truffle Gratin on the menu, you make the menu even more attractive and you add value by offering your guests a special taste experience. An affordable luxury. In this way, McCain tries to help entrepreneurs with the holidays ahead.


The refrigerated McCain Truffle Gratin is packaged in 2 kg bags and available through Fresh Wholesalers from October 2020 to January 2021.

Product information


Article  no: 1000009181

EAN code bag:  8710438120592

EAN code box: 8710438120608

Content: 6 x 2.000 gram

Shelf life: 35 days on delivery  (+1°/+7°C)


Preparation method

Hot air oven: ca. 20- 25 min. at 200°C