Packaging design change

Packaging design change

​​During the past months, we have developed a new design for the different foodservice product ranges.  Not only does the new packaging fit with our brand positioning, but also helps you choose the right product for your needs.


​The design  of the film of our foodservice ranges makes the distinction between the  foodservice products clear. It  focusses on the product characteristics  so you know for which usage the product is best suited.  The design clearly shows by color and text which product range it concerns. 

The products in the Blue Packaging are blanched. Potatoes are peeled cut and parboiled and therefor ready to cook, which saves you a lot of preparation time versus ware potatoes. They just need a short heating step to serve. This means you can focus on creating  the most fantastic recipes . 


The products in the Green Packaging are ready to eat. The potatoes are peeled, cut and  100% cooked. Nothing is added so they can be used straight from the bag, without rinsing, in a cold salad or heated in a recipe.


Only the design changes,

  • The new packaging will have no effect on product codes, packaging size & storage​ configuration, shelf life and the ordering process.

  • It will not impact production/delivery of any SKUs. This will be a rolling conversion – when the current film is depleted we will switch to the new design.

​If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, or if you need a pack shot of the blanched  2kg range for your web store please don't hesitate to contact  your local sales representative.