Green deal

Green deal

​​​The European Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral in 2050.

At CelaVita we are also working on reducing the footprint of our products during the different steps from farm to fork. Because we extract a rich natural product, the potato, from the earth, we see it as our goal to give something back to the earth. To create a sustainable future for the next generation of potato eaters.

On several subjects within our food production we have commonalities with the green deal. These are the areas where we contribute, for instance on  sustainable agronomy or healthy food product. We produce sustainable products grown in western Europe where the climate and soil  is best suited for growing potatoes. Therefor it is very important to us to keep that soil healthy. We promote Biodiversity on the land in various ways, but the most visible are the flower strips, with flowers that bloom alternately throughout the season. Our growers can order free seed mix from us to create these flower strips. We also stimulate biodiversity in the soil (worms, fungi, etc.) by advising on soil preparation, crop planting and crop rotation.


All our growers are Global GAP (Good agriculture practices) certified. GLOBAL G.A.P. encourages the application of good agricultural practices and makes it clear to consumers that on-farm foodstuffs are produced with minimal environmental impact, using fewer chemicals and sensible health and safety for humans and animals


The potato is a healthy tuber, we don't need to add anything to it! We do not use preservatives in our products. Thus they end up purely on your plate. A potato is a root vegetable, vegetable and therefore vegan, contains no allergens in itself (no gluten) but is packed with good things (vitamins, minerals, fibers). Most of our CêlaVíta Retail products are therefore allergen free. (check packaging for details ).


Water management plays an important role, not only on the farmers land but also in our production. Our potatoes are washed and cooked in Veluws spring water. We pump this pure water from our own sources.

The climate is changing, resulting in more extreme weather. We are increasingly faced with downpours / flooding, longer periods of drought and heat. That is why we have disconnected the rainwater on our site. Collected rainwater on our buildings is returned to the earth via an infiltration system that is installed underground under the parking lot, instead of pouring the water into the sewer. This helps the limited capacity during downpours of  the municipal sewage treatment plant, but the groundwater level also benefits from this.


These are just some of the many accomplishments in our CSR sc​heme. If you are wondering which initiatives we undertake that have a sustainable and beneficial impact on your business, don't hesitate to ask us.