Seasonal inspiration

Seasonal inspiration

​Nothing feels more like spring than asparagus on the  menu. 

Asparagus and potatoes

The white asparagus are mostly cultivated in the north of Europe and are available from local farms from mid of April till mid June.  In southern Europe the green or purple asparagus are more available.

​Although potatoes and asparagus are nothing alike (not family and not the same taste ) they do have some similarities. The white asparagus is cultivated under the ground as is the potato. To this purpose the field is recognizable due to the elevated beds in which the asparagus or potato grow. Besides this similarity both asparagus and potato are very healthy vegetables.  This makes asparagus with potato a great meal for institutional catering.

A match made  in heaven

​Every country had it's own recipes for asparagus on the menu. In the Netherlands people love white asparagus in spring.  During this period you can find asparagus on the menu in all sorts of recipes from soup and salads to a asparagus gratin. Despite many creative recipes and methods of preparation, people prefer to eat them in a classic way with potato, ham, egg and butter.  In the Netherlands often with chives and in Belgium more often with parsley.

The CêlaVíta blanched small parisienne is a perfect match for the asparagus, with its pure and fresh taste. The parisienne is also easy and quick to prepare, baked or cooked. This saves time and kitchen stress.