About CêlaVíta

About CêlaVíta


CêlaVíta Foodservice develops products that cater to the needs of professional chefs. We are always looking for perfect ways to combine your expertise and our knowledge of potatoes. From cultivation (Global Gap) to delivery, we do everything we can to assure the constant quality of our entire range. Because we want to do things right for you. We care.  

CêlaVíta invented the parisienne…. This little, tasty potato has been introduced more than 40 years ago to the market and never left. In the past small potatoes did not even appear on the table. They were rejected for consumption because they were too difficult to clean. These small potatoes were put aside and resold as cattle feed. And that is where CêlaVíta came in.

​​In 1972 the processing of small potatoes for human consumption was added. To relieve the job of cleaning and scraping the potatoes we decided to offer the new potatoes fresh and scraped. It was a hit! Ease of use for the consumer but also for the potato growers, they could now get more yield from every hectare of potato land.  

That is how CêlaVíta B.V. became a processing company, founded in 1967 as Vita with the washing, sorting and packing of consumption potatoes, she developed into  a company that produces chilled convenience products from potatoes for the retail and food service industry.~

Since its start CêlaVíta has set the standard in retail for blanched potato products in Dutch households. Over the years the company has developed and grown beyond borders but one thing remained the same: the love for potatoes! ​