CêlaVíta is based in Wezep, in the north part of The Netherlands.  Potatoes have been grown for many years in The Netherlands. The Dutch soil is ideal for growing potatoes. 

Wezep lies between the city of Zwolle and the Hoge Veluwe. CelaVita has been processing potatoes here since 1967 on the north side of the Veluwe nature reserve. The water used for washing and blanching the products comes from CêlaVita's own natural water source.


​CêlaVíta B.V.

P.O. Box 22

8090 AA Wezep The Netherlands

 Visit Address:

Puttensteinsveldweg 22  

8091 BS Wezep , The Netherlands

+31 38 84597 00


 You can reach us by car or train (train station Wezep is a 7 min walk)