At McCain  a simple philosophy is at the  foundation of our business development: good ethics is good business. Having always been convinced that success is built upon solid principles, our strategy is based upon the following legacy:  Be good. Do good. At CêlaVíta we contribute to these values, making it an integral part of our policies and day to day business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

"As a food producer, we have an accountability​ to our planet- we must contribute to transforming the global food system, producing high quality products with the lowest possible environmental impact, for generations to come."  Erwin Pardon- Regional President McCain Foods Europe

Our Journey

Our CSR strategy is based on 4 pillars 

Good agriculture - Sustainable farming

​We are committed to growing potatoes with a minimum impact on the environment To achieve this we are working hand in hand with our partners, on a long-term basis, bringing them the expertise of  our agronomists who are there to help them optimize crop yield and quality. Help is offered in reducing the amount of active ingredients from pesticides used on crops and at the same time, also stimulating preserving biodiversity with an analysis and an awareness campaign.


Our partners share our values: 100% of them are committed to a sustainable certification process for their potato crops, and are annually audited by an independent third party. Certification programs (VVA, Vegaplan, GlobalGAP®) cover, amongst other things, good agricultural practices in terms of food safety and environmental protection.


Good operations - Production sites with a low environmental impact

​Our production site complies to the environmental management system and  is ISO 14001 certified. Striving for zero waste we reuse, reduce and recycle.  For instance:  CêlaVita has its own wastewater treatment plant, the pollution from the waste water is largely converted into biogas. A renewable energy source that is used for the production. And residual heat of the waste water is used to heat a nearby pool.

CSR plant.jpg

Potato leftovers from the process like  potato peel and scraps can be made to good use as livestock feed. Furthermore in 2018 a large part of the site and roof surface of CêlaVíta is disconnected from the existing sewer system. The rainwater is infiltrated back into the ground. And in doing so reducing the strain on the municipal sewage treatment company.


Good food - Products that are simply made and simply prepared

​At CêlaVíta we want to create good products made from simple, natural ingredients that complement a balanced diet and are good for the planet. For most Foodservice products the only ingredient is potatoes. At CêlaVíta we do not add any preservatives to our products and many products have no or low salt added. A pure potato is very healthy. More information about the nutritional value of the potato can be found at our inspiration pages.

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 Good people - Employee safety

Committed to ensuring every employee and contractor returns home safely at the end of each day CêlaVíta rigidly controls safety measures and criteria in our factory and offices.

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